Lonzo Ball Doing Desperate Second Workout With Lakers, Who May Have Already Promised Josh Jackson

Stephen Douglas

Josh Jackson may have been given a promise ring by either the Los Angeles Lakers or Philadelphia 76ers according to some tweets and the process of elimination.

Jackson canceled a workout with the Boston Celtics. That could be because they have no interest or may be because they’re trading the pick so it would be a waste of everyone’s time. As for Phoenix, maybe Jackson doesn’t want to go there. Or maybe the Suns are just optimistic about Lonzo Ball dropping to them. Or some third thing.

Either way, it looks like Jackson is planning on going to Philly or L.A. If he expects to be a Laker, that’s bad news for the Ball family. And if they’ve heard these rumors maybe that’s why Lonzo Ball is going to have a second workout with the Lakers to show them how serious he is about working out and training. Some people reportedly thought he was a little out of shape at his first workout.

A week out from the draft and it seems no one knows who is going anywhere.