Lonzo Ball Claims Big Baller Brand ZO2s Fell Apart During Games

Ryan Phillips

Lonzo Ball is finally admitting just how bad Big Baller Brand’s shoes were. While guesting on Lightharted the podcast of teammate Josh Hart, Ball said the ZO2s he wore would just fall apart during games.

Check this out:

So during that first Summer League he took part in as a rookie, he had someone with four pairs of ZO2s in a backpack because the shoes would only last a quarter before ripping. That’s also why Ball opted to change to other brands of shoe for every game after that.

It really is crazy to think the hysteria over Big Baller Brand is over. That was such a massive story for about nine months and now the company doesn’t even exist. I’m sure there are more insane stories that will come out about BBB, but this one is pretty nuts.

Ball is now fully healthy and has a chance to restart his career with the New Orleans Pelicans, while Big Baller Brand is a thing of the past.