Logan Couture Claims He Was Sucker-Punched in Toronto For Saying He Would Vote Republican

Stephen Douglas
Logan Couture at his day job.
Logan Couture at his day job. / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Logan Couture, the captain of the San Jose Sharks, was in Toronto, Ontario, on Tuesday night according to an unbelievable tweet he shared this morning. While Couture was out at an unidentified location, he was talking about voting for Donald Trump. Couture claims this earned him a sucker punch.

This is quite a story. Did he press charges? Was the sucker puncher too fast and ran away from the professional hockey player? Is there video? Were there any other details that Couture might have left out? Just a random Canadian punching a guy who says he's voting for Trump? I feel like there might be a little more to this story.

To further complicate things, Couture is a Canadian citizen, which was most recently noted in The Mercury News. Unless he has dual citizenship and they didn't mention it, he got sucker-punched for saying he would vote Republican hypothetically.

Hopefully, video emerges to add some context and clarity to this situation.