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People Didn't Love Trying to Watch Liverpool-Manchester United and Getting 'Law & Order: SVU' Instead

Kyle Koster
Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

There's a massive midweek Premier League match taking place right now between two of the most popular and historic teams in soccer. But fans of Liverpool and Manchester United — as well as neutral observers — are noticeably non-plussed about the viewing experience. Which seems to include far more Law & Order: Special Victims Unit scenes than actual scenes.

USA Network is being completely inundated with unhappy customers trying to stream the match on Hulu. A common theme from the frustrated seems to be that instead of being transported out to majestic Anfield, the user is being fed bits and pieces of whatever Benson and Stabler are working on.

Here is a few examples of the experience. It is never a good sign for a streaming service when customers start shooting hand-held footage of their uncooperative device.

Those able to see the actual action and not be distracted by a surely dynamic script for famed SVU writer Speed Weed have witnessed two beautiful goals by the Reds thus far. But, unfortunately, no cameo appearances from either BD Wong or that lovable crank, John Munch.