This Supercut of LIV Golfers Saying They Want to Golf Less is Actually Hilarious Right Now

LIV Golf Invitational - Bedminster - Day Two
LIV Golf Invitational - Bedminster - Day Two / Charles Laberge/LIV Golf/GettyImages

LIV golfers want to have it all. They want their millions in sportswashing money and they want to play in the PGA events that people actually care about. The PGA has banned everyone who took the LIV money and ran and the 11 players - including Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson - are suing so they can continue playing on both tours.

This doesn't make sense for a lot of reasons, but especially because LIV golfers were all so excited about a more healthy work-livf balance and spending more time with their families. Here's a supercut of the golfers talking about how great the extra time off would be.

And yet just a few weeks later these guys want to play ALL OF THE GOLF and eat all of the pizza. It almost makes you wonder...