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Peter Uihlein Drills Fan With Errant Drive During LIV Tournament

Liam McKeone
LIV Golf
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The inaugural LIV golf tournament and its glorious scoreboard continued on Saturday and the league had its first non-Phil Mickelson viral moment thanks to an errant drive by Peter Uihlein. The American was teeing off on the third hole and went left off the box. The drive ended up nailing one of the spectators, who took an extremely dramatic tumble down the hill.

Those who have had the displeasure of getting hit by a golf ball knows that it hurts a lot and the man's fall was very understandable. Fortunately, he ended up okay and had a fun exchange with Uihlein soon after.

Uihlein probably owes him more than a signed glove given how much better his lie ended up thanks to the sacrifice of that man's body, but he seemed pretty psyched. All's well that ends well, even if he'll be real sore in the morning.