Little League World Series Latest Proof Instant Replay is Bad and Will Never Really Work

Stephen Douglas

Instant replay is bad. Deep down, we all know this. In every sport there are different ways that it is misused and ruins the game it is supposed to be helping. The latest example of this came in the Little League World Series Northwest Region Championship on Thursday when the winning run was scored after an umpire called a ball foul and, well, just look at this.

It's unclear why the play continued at all as the third base umpire called the ball foul. It's not like in baseball you keep playing until you hear the whistle. Do you? Should umpires have whistles? Seems unfair that they're the only type of referee or official who doesn't get a whistle. It does seem like a whistle would have fixed this before instant replay had a chance to ruin it.

And boy, did it ruin in. The ball did not appear to be fair and yet replay allowed the home plate umpire to have his Ump Show moment as he emphatically pointed to home plate after yelling "fair ball." It was a walk-off replay. Every ump's dream. And it wouldn't have been possible without yet another broken instant replay system.