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Little League Classic Uniforms Have a Regional Flair

Kyle Koster
Elsa/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels will play in the first Little League Classic since 2019 on Sunday night in Williamsport, Pa. The event has become an extremely important perk buried in August's dog days since 2017 and wasn't able to be held last year amid the shortened, pandemic-shaped season. So excitement is high, especially as Major League Baseball rides high on the wave generated from a magical Field of Dreams game.

When the two clubs take the field in front of stars of the next generation, they'll be wearing uniforms inspired by the Little League World Series. Nice little bit of synergy there, executed quite cleanly.

The Indians will have white tops and gray pants while the Angels will have gray tops and white pants. If this is a clever homage to Little Leaguers who forget which jersey to wear or need a last-second loaner, it's a nice touch.