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Lions Radio Announcers Lose Their Minds Calling Jared Goff's Walkoff Touchdown

Liam McKeone
The Detroit Lions have won a football game
The Detroit Lions have won a football game / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions won their first game in a full calendar year on Sunday afternoon, and naturally it came in the most dramatic fashion possible. After blowing a 14-point lead to the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit received the ball with just under two minutes left. They had no timeouts. They were down by four. Jared Goff had to lead the NFL's worst offense down the field and score a touchdown. Any other result would lead to another loss and another brutal failure by the Lions.

But against all odds, Goff did the damn thing. With four seconds left and the ball near the Vikings' goal line, Goff dropped back and fired a pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown, who was inexplicably wide open. St. Brown hauled it in as time expired. The Lions won.

The home radio call for the momentous occasion is an outstanding listen.

What a beautiful moment for everybody who doesn't live in Minnesota. The Lions not only won, it was a walkoff win in an extremely unlikely circumstance. It was pulled off by Goff, the most criticized quarterback in the NFL. And it came against a divisional rival who really needed a victory to keep the ship afloat and ensure heads wouldn't roll.

The Vikings have some reckoning to do. But the Lions can bask in the glory of their most exciting win in years.