Detroit Lions Feeling Themselves, Wearing Throwbacks Against Kansas City Chiefs

Kyle Koster
Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles
Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles / Elsa/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are technically undefeated. They've rebounded from a disappointing tie against the Arizona Cardinals with narrow victories over the Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles, two teams that had reasonable playoff expectations entering the season.

Down is up, up is down. People in the suburbs are saying "bye" when they get some place and "hello" when they leave. Matt Patricia has made jerks like me at least hold their tongues for a few weeks.

Next up on the schedule is Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes. They are very good, though it should be pointed out that the stud quarterback didn't win a Super Bowl in his first season as a starter. It'll take a special effort by the defense and better than game-management by Matthew Stafford to emerge victorious.

But the Lions have a secret weapon.

Throwbacks jerseys from the Great Depression.

If you're wondering what a Fantennial is, you're not alone. But kudos to all those people out there posting on social media accounts trying to make Fantennial happen.

These jerseys are obviously awesome. Usually the franchise only busts them out for Thanksgiving, when the team has seven losses and needs to win out to have any hope of making the playoffs.

They are minimalist and pure.

Considering all these metrics, we're picking the Lions to pull an upset Sunday. You're welcome in advance.