Twitter Reacts to Terrible Lions-Steelers Game That Ended in Tie

Liam McKeone
Lions-Steelers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers played the worst game of the 2021 NFL season this Sunday. It ended in a 16-16 tie. Jared Goff threw for 112 yards in four quarters and an overtime period. The Steelers fumbled not once, but twice in Lions territory during OT. It was, to quote TBL's managing editor and resident suffering Lions fan Kyle Koster, an absolute abomination of football for everyone involved.

Everybody in the football world watched the end of this game with a sick and twisted interest, and reactions all over Twitter were worth recording. Here are some of the better ones.

It was, indeed, one of the worst displays of football we've ever been subjected to. A heinous display. One that both teams should be ashamed of.

On the other hand... the Lions will not become the first team in football history to go 0-17! It is the little things. Right?