One of Dan Orlovsky's Lions Offense Coordinator Fell Asleep During a Game

Liam McKeone
Dan Orlovsky
Dan Orlovsky / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have attempted to turn their reputation around for years. The oft-maligned franchise has failed in every big moment in the team's history dating back to the '60s and can't shake the label of an organization forever destined to make all the wrong decisions and lose.

Dan Orlovsky is one of ESPN's popular young game analysts, and was once a member of these very Lions. He is mostly remembered for his play during Detroit's historic 0-16 season, where he ran out of the back of the end zone for a safety in a game the Lions only lost by two. He spent three seasons with the team, and while appearing on Chris Long's NFC North preview podcast, revealed a story that will do nothing to besmirch the Lions' rep of a losing team.

Oof. That's not great! NFL stadiums are pretty loud, so it's frankly pretty impressive, but still.

Orlovsky was with the team from 2005-2008. The potential participant in this tale is therefore limited to Mike Martz, Jim Colletto, or one of Greg Olson and Ted Tollner. Orlovsky did not reveal who it was, so we're left guessing. But the options are indeed limited. I cannot imagine Matt Patricia tolerates mid-game naps on his team, so this year's Lions probably have nothing to worry about.

Probably. They are the Lions, after all.