Lindsey Graham Went on 'Hannity' to Promote a Raffle to Golf with Donald Trump

Stephen Douglas
Lindsey Graham excited to promote his fundraiser.
Lindsey Graham excited to promote his fundraiser. /

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Hannity on Tuesday night and it might have been a new low point for Sean Hannity. Graham was basically there to promote a golf tournament and raffle. It had the same energy as a baseball dad on a local radio station trying to raise money so the All-Stars can travel to regionals even though he knows deep down they don't have a real shot at Williamsport.

Donate to Graham and you get to have two meals and a picture with Donald Trump, but you'll also see Graham take a beating on the course and enjoy it. Hannity asked Graham why he thought that Trump crushes Graham on the golf course.

"'Cuz he does! 'Cuz he's better than I am! He's going to kick me around but for a donation you can see it!"

Based on Graham's response you would have thought Trump was just off camera threatening to dunk his sand wedge in the toilet if he didn't answer correctly. Good luck at regionals, kids.