Lindsey Graham Was Absolutely Going Through It on 'Hannity' Last Night


Sean Hannity was able to draw the emotion out of Sen. Lindsey Graham last night as the two discussed a mutual friend's bit of legal trouble. Chalk it up to the Fox News host's delicate interview style or the fact that Donald Trump - a supposed billionaire - really needs a cash injection right now. Whatever it was, Graham ended up cutting a pretty good audition to be a character on the Righteous Gemstones.

"And we do have one last chance to not become a banana republic," Graham said. "Twenty-twenty-four is the most important election in my lifetime. America literally is at stake as we know it, is at stake as we know it. I’m sorry I’m so upset. But please help President Trump. If you can afford five or 10 bucks, if you can’t afford a dollar, fine. Just pray. Make sure you vote as early as you can in your state. Don’t risk anything anymore. Vote as soon as you can. Pray for this country. Pray for this president. And if you’ve got any money to give, give it."

What are the odds that the perfect solution to this existential problem is going to Lindsay Graham dot com and giving politicians some money? Perhaps the kismet of it all was what led to the emotional moment.

There are eight months until the next court date in Trump's case. Cable news is never going to make it.