Lindsay McCormick, NBC's Sunday Night Football "Social Host," Was on "The Price is Right"

Stephen Douglas

Lindsay McCormick was on The Price is Right today. McCormick, the current “social host” for NBC’s Sunday Night Football team, played for an iMac and front loading washer and dryer. She played Drew Carey’s pricing game and won both. McCormick, an Aubrun grad, spent time with Esquire, CBS and ESPN before landing at NBC. In the next video, you’ll see her spin the wheel. It barely gets all the way around. Time to hit the weight room.

Way back in 2010 when she was with Comcast Sports Northwest, she was rumored to be dating Mark Sanchez. Of course, McCormick’s appearance was far from the best part of today’s episode. This guy did the worm after he was told to come on down.

Now that’s talent.