Lincoln Riley Cooked Brisket, But the Internet Roasted It

Stephen Douglas
"Yeah, that just needs a few more minutes."
"Yeah, that just needs a few more minutes." / John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Oklahoma Sooners head football coach Lincoln Riley made brisket for Easter dinner. Or at least someone in his family did. Riley posted a picture of the brisket online. The brisket was then roasted again on Twitter because this is the most offensive thing since Horns Down.

The responses to the picture make you hope that Riley doesn't actually use Twitter because the abuse he received was worse than anything that has ever happened to any of his teams on the field. Based on the reaction online, you would think Riley had prepared one of the school mascots for dinner. There were enough funny replies to give everyone a heaping helping of content. And perhaps seconds.

Lincoln Riley's brisket was roasted all over the Internet.
Lincoln Riley's brisket was roasted all over the Internet. /

The real question is why would anyone post a picture of something they cooked online in 2021? What is the best thing that could happen? Best-case scenario, this is cooked perfectly and ignored. The second you put food online for any reason, you're asking for it.

Every single person eats. They have to to survive long enough to go on the Internet. So everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. And anyone who has ever attempted to cook any type of beef thinks he or she is an expert. Something is less than perfect and hell, I could do better than that.

The truth is, this isn't a big deal. This will have no affect on recruiting for Oklahoma... OUTSIDE OF TEXAS, WHERE BRISKET IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR FOOD GROUP. This is officially a disaster.