The Lights Went Out on CNN's John King and Jackie Kucinich

Liam McKeone
John King in the dark
John King in the dark /

It was just another Tuesday at CNN as John King hosted Inside Politics and chatted with Jackie Kucinich. That is, until all went dark. Literally.

In the midst of the show, Kucinich was speaking when the lights just went out at the CNN studio. King handled it like the TV veteran he is and noted they were obviously having technical difficulties before cutting to commercial.

After the break, King returned on-screen with the lights perhaps brighter than before to reassure viewers that everyone was okay after the power outage and proceeded to move on to the next segment without missing a beat.

Cool. Collected. Professional. All in the face of a power struggle. Not the type King is used to, but a power struggle nonetheless. A tip of the cap to King and CNN for handling it all smoothly.