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LiAngelo Ball Making a Case to Join His Brothers in the NBA

Stephen Douglas
LiAngelo Ball 21st Birthday Party
LiAngelo Ball 21st Birthday Party / Cassy Athena/Getty Images

LiAngelo Ball may be back. The middle Ball brother scored 16 points and notched two rebounds, two assists, and two steals in his Summer League debut. Maybe most importantly for his NBA prospects, he hit five of eight three pointers.

Forgive me, but he looked kind of like Danny Green in this video. Considering Green is a three-time champion who currently gets to go play for whatever contender he wants, that seems a bit much. But there was a time when Green was bouncing around the D-League, looking for a home in the NBA, which he eventually found in San Antonio.

LiAngelo Ball ending up on an NBA roster would be nothing short of incredible. With his stint at UCLA and spending years in the shadows of his older and younger brothers, if he can get past all that and just make a roster during the regular season it's a pretty impressive job by Gelo.

Not to mention LaVar Ball who would have accomplished his outlandish dream of putting all three of his sons in the NBA. It is absolutely bonkers to think your children can do that. Just one of them making it would have been worthy of every brash thing he ever said right up to saying he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one. But if LiAngelo commits to defense and proves himself to be a reliable spot up shooter it's really going to happen.

At this point, are you really going to doubt the Balls?