Liam McHugh Talks NHL on TNT, Working With Wayne Gretzky, And the Fun of a Free-Wheeling Studio Show

Liam McKeone
Liam McHugh
Liam McHugh /

Liam McHugh covers the NHL for TNT, working as the network's No. 1 studio host. He came over to Turner after a decade spent covering hockey and a variety of other sports for NBC, including hosting Football Night in America. Liam joined the Press Pass Podcast to discuss what it's like to start a new job after 10 years, the early returns of Turner's inaugural NHL season, and the free-flowing nature of debate and discourse that he and his colleagues try to embrace onscreen.

Liam also touched upon the experience of working with Wayne Gretzky and kindly informed me that Liam is growing to be a more popular name by the day amongst the youths. Our time is coming!

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