Lewis Hamilton Had a Traumatizing Bathroom Experience Ahead of F1 Race at Spa

Lewis Hamilton at F1 Grand Prix of Belgium
Lewis Hamilton at F1 Grand Prix of Belgium / Pool/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton shared too much information ahead of the Belgian GP today. Hamilton had gone to the bathroom ahead of the race and told his crew about his experience while he was getting ready and it was broadcast.

"I'm glad I went to toilet. The one I went to, someone had dropped a crazy bomb in there. It was the worst thing ever."

The F1 driver then added, "It's going to haunt me for life."

This is why it's so important to have microphones inside the cars. Otherwise, how will you know about the conditions these drivers have to deal with? However Lewis Hamilton does today, no other driver can say they dealt with the conditions he did. Even if it is raining at Spa.