Let's Compare How Russell Wilson Handled Losing Super Bowl 49 with Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50

By Jason McIntyre

Not a hot take, not a shot at Cam, just reality: After throwing an interception on the 1-yard in the final seconds of Super Bowl 49, here’s how Seahawks QB Russell Wilson handled some media questions in 2015:

I can’t find the full video, but Wilson definitely didn’t walk out after mumbling 80 words.

No sulking, no hiding behind a hoodie, just a professional who accepted the blame and credited his opponents. I’m not drawing any sweeping conclusions here – it’s just what happened.

We all handle defeat differently – I know I didn’t take it like a professional when I didn’t make the tennis or basketball team in high school, or missed out on a job on ESPN the Magazine a little over a decade ago. I curled up in bed and cursed the world.

Live and learn.


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