LeSean McCoy on Chiefs Hurts But Doesn't Kill Damien Williams Fantasy Value

Ryan Glasspiegel

LeSean McCoy was picked up by the Chiefs today, setting up for a reunion with Andy Reid. If you’re like me and you’ve already had a fantasy draft where you’ve picked formerly presumable starting running back Damien Williams, you have every right to be agitated, but this isn’t game over.

Yes, the Chiefs paid McCoy a guaranteed $3 million, and he’s making a bit more than Williams. But McCoy is 31 years old, he averaged just 3.2 yards per carry last season, and had just 34 receptions for 238 yards. It’s not like the Chiefs went out and got Melvin Gordon.

In the five games where he was a starter — three regular season and two playoff — after Kareem Hunt was let go last season, Williams averaged 114.4 total rushing and receiving yards per game and had eight touchdowns. Even if McCoy siphons away some of the touches he was getting, Williams is still a starting caliber fantasy player.

Nonetheless, in CBS leagues Williams’ average draft position as of Saturday night was 24th overall, which is a little high (and McCoy was averaging a 10th round selection; he should go up a bit considering he’s entering a much more high powered offense). I’d drop Williams to late third round early fourth round, but at first blush this is not a catastrophe.