Les Miles To ESPN Seems Obvious, But Can He Speak Well Enough For TV?


Les Miles has not found another head coaching job, since being let go by LSU. FootballScoop reported that ESPN is “very interested” in signing up Miles for 2017.

Les Miles: Sources tell FootballScoop, ESPN is very interested in having Les join the network should Les decide none of the coaching openings are the right fit for him. It is our hope the decision makers at the worldwide leader recognize the potential for a daily show. #MakeESPNGreatAgain

ESPN seems like the natural Miles landing spot. He seems a natural fit to fill Lee Corso’s engaging, kooky shoes on GameDay. But, the secret to television success goes beyond personality. It requires simple, articulate expression of complex ideas. That sounds far easier than it is.

Urban Meyer is no Miles when it comes to public charm. But, he was a clear, incisive analyst during his one-year hiatus. It’s easy to see Miles being America’s weird grandfather/uncle. But him using his customary contorted, intricate diction to express simple ideas could be a major problem.

The circuitous speech was cute when he was a coach giving sound bytes. Even if he’s rationed in a GameDay role, he will still need to fill minutes of air time talking.