Leo Terrell and Geraldo Rivera Get Into Shouting Match on Fox News

Liam McKeone
Geraldo Rivera and Leo Terrell
Geraldo Rivera and Leo Terrell /

Today on Fox News, one of the topics of discussion was newly-elected St. Louis mayor Tishaura Jones, the first Black mayor-elect of the city, and her plans to reduce crime rate while reforming law enforcement. Bill Hemmer brought journalist Geraldo Rivera and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell to talk about it.

At one point, the conversation shifted to comments made by Jones to her opponent during the race in which she said her experiences as a Black woman would help her to enact change in the minority community. Terrell lambasted that comment as insulting, racist, and nonsensical. Rivera then chimed in to ask Terrell when he was last in the "ghetto." Terrell did not take kindly to that comment, to say the least.

It is unclear exactly what point Rivera was trying to make by asking that question. He did apologize to Terrell via Twitter after the segment was aired.