Lenny Dykstra Remembers The Age Of Consent On 9/11

Stephen Douglas

Every year on the anniversary of 9/11 there is pressure to appear appropriately solemn and patriotic. With that pressure comes a number of brands who miss the mark and end up doing something cringe-worthy. Lenny Dykstra is not a brand, but he has a brand and that brand can be summed up in tweet about hashtag: 911.

#911 … Neither here not there, but just think: If you were born on that terrible day, tonight is your last night of being jailbait anywhere in this country. pic.twitter.com/JHaYEQGiey

— Lenny Dykstra (@LennyDykstra) September 10, 2019

What’s the first thing Lenny Dykstra thinks of when he sees the number 18? Age of consent. This is just an absolutely bonkers thing for a 56-year old man to tweet on the 18th anniversary of almost anything, but September 11th?

Good lord, Lenny. Take a seat over here. You know what kind of mental gymnastics it would take a normal person to get from point A to tweeting a picture of the a map of the United States showing the age of consent in each state?

Lenny Dykstra is chaos. His life has been a mess for decades. He’s fighting the Bagel Boss guy in a couple weeks and tonight he’s remembering 9/11 by remembering the age of consent. It is the worst brand.