Leland Vittert's Fox News Crew Chased Off By Angry Protestors at White House

Kyle Koster

A Fox News crew was verbally and physically harassed by protestors outside the White House early Saturday morning. Reporter Leland Vittert was on site covering the tense scenes, which briefly led to a lockdown at the presidential residence. Eventually, the crowd turned on his photojournalist and security personnel as well.

A sustained chant of "f--k Fox News" preceded some pushing and shoving. One person grabbed Vittert's microphone and fired it toward his back.

WARNING: The video features graphic language

Those watching the unrest around the country have seen correspondents from every major cable news network deal with some unsettling energy and danger while on air. Whether it's from understandably fired-up protestors or over-exuberant police forces, everything seems to be on edge at all times.

While it only takes some simple math to understand why those assembled would have a specific issue with Fox News, it's worth considering that many who wish for change see all corporate media not as an ally, but an enemy for the perceived friendliness toward authority when framing stories.

The current temperature shows no signs of abating so today will likely bring more scenes like this one.