Lee Corso Picks Utah to Make College Football National Championship


Now here’s a dark horse selection.

On today’s season premiere episode of College GameDay from Walt Disney World, the venerable Lee Corso made a rather curious pick for who he expects to appear in the College Football Playoff final.

Okay, granted, the Utes have been rather well-regarded by the experts this season, and many expect them to take the Pac-12 South and appear in that conference’s championship game. But a playoff spot? And for them to beat defending champion Clemson in the semifinal?

Yeah…that might be a stretch, considering the AP poll currently has Utah ranked 14th, behind two other teams in its own conference – Oregon and Washington.

Then again, if it’s January and you’ve followed a link to this page because Utah somehow did make the title game and this page suddenly has a massive influx of views, just remember that hindsight is 20/20.

For the record, Utah opens up against its bitter rivals, Brigham Young, in the annual “Holy War” game this Thursday.