Lee Corso Enjoys Steak And Eggs During 'College GameDay' Commercial Break

Liam McKeone
Lee Corso
Lee Corso /

Lee Corso broadcasted into Saturday's College GameDay virtually. He is not alone in his house, though, as the other members of the crew have cardboard likenesses hanging around. He is definitely making the best of it.

Corso and the crew today were tasked with previewing the Clemson Tigers-Wake Forrest matchup this afternoon. Corso picked the Tigers (naturally) but before doing so enjoyed some breakfast surrounded by his cast members.

They even had a virtual Clemson Tiger back there whipping it up for him, despite the rumors it might start about the validity of Corso's choice. I mean, who wouldn't turn down a bribe of steak and eggs for a pick that day?

I wouldn't have a problem working from home for the rest of my life if I had Corso's set-up. Pretty sweet. Good to see the 82-year-old making the best of these circumstances.