Lee Corso Should Decide 'College GameDay' Picks Based Off Quality of Props He Can Use

Liam McKeone
Lee Corso and da Boomstick
Lee Corso and da Boomstick /

Every week, Lee Corso dons absurd headwear based on his college football pick of the week on College GameDay. Occasionally, he'll be given a prop he can use. Earlier this year, he rowed around in a canoe after picking P.J. Fleck's Minnesota squad and stood on top of a big-ass elephant after picking the Alabama Rolling Tide.

Today, he picked Oklahoma and had his trusty shotgun... thing, the Boomstick, as he usually does. He revealed picking Oklahoma is one of his favorite picks in normal years because he can then fire the Boomstick and scare Kirk Herbstreit, who, like me, does not enjoy loud noises.

The implication here is that how much Corso enjoys a prop plays at least a little bit of a factor into what his picks are any given week. Now, his first job is an analyst, and he'll never make a wildly outrageous pick just because he gets to wear a goofy mascot head. But! What if he did? Argue the picks like normal, but really it's based entirely off the fun to be had on set.

Just some food for thought.