Lee Corso Gives His 'College GameDay' Halloween Pick

Liam McKeone
Lee Corso makes the pick
Lee Corso makes the pick /

Happy Halloween, college football fans. As I'm sure many of you did, there's no better way to celebrate the spooky holiday than flipping on College GameDay and seeing what sort of weird stuff they have Lee Corso doing. Despite Corso's remote setup that he's used and will continue to use as long as coronavirus is still a concern, he delivered. So did the GameDay special effects team.

There have been a lot of broadcast shots over the last eight months that make you think, Wow, would I have believed it if I was told this was the future of sports last year? This was not one of those times. Lee Corso in a Buckeyes mascot head with fake smoke billowing around him surrounding by virtual Ohio State fans. That is exactly what I would have expected from Halloween 2020 this time last year.

It's nice that some things stay the same even as things change all the more.