LeBron Won't Let His Sons Play Football, Only Soccer, Baseball and Basketball

By Jason McIntyre

LeBron James will only let his sons play basketball, baseball and soccer – not football – according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard. It’s unclear whether LeBron told this to the ESPN reporter on the air or off the air, but presumably it happened sometime Friday night in Denver when the Cavs were smoking the Nuggets.

Expect this tweet (there’s no accompanying story, yet) to get plenty of pick-up, probably across the country, as the Dangers of Football debate rages.

LeBron, famously, was a high school football player, starring at wide receiver. He dropped the sport in the summer before his junior year and focused on basketball, a decision that worked out quite well.

LeBron probably could have been one of the most dominant wide receiver/tight end/defensive ends in the NFL, given his 6-foot-8, 260-pound frame.