LeBron to Tristan Thompson: Don't Bring Khloe Kardashian Around the Team

By Jason McIntyre

LeBron Jamesis the Cavs superstar, general manager and coach. Apparently, the greatest player of his generation also can allegedly tell his teammates not to bring their girlfriend around the team. If it’s a Kardashian we’re talking about, could you blame him?

From Hollywood Life:

"“Tristan isn’t taking any crap from his teammates anymore. As far as he’s concerned, Khloe’s coming to every damn game she chooses,” the insider reveals. “Tristan told LeBron straight up before last night’s game that Khloe was coming and that was that.” Boom!"

"But wait, there’s more. “Tristan told LeBron that Khloe is his good luck charm, and that if they lost last night, then he’d consider asking her not to come in the future,” the source adds."

Of course I’m dubious this really happened, but again, LeBron’s got plenty of cause for concern. Look at the athletes Khloe Kardashian has dated in the past:

James Harden – From Western Conference Finals and MVP runner-up, to disaster

Odell Beckham – Has had a rough start to 2016
Lamar Odom – No need to go there
Rashad McCants – Not sure where he is, but it ain’t the NBA
Matt Kemp – Two years after he was the MVP runner-up, they dated; he’s never been the same

Thompson and Kardashian seem to be having a swell time together. But LeBron’s got a legacy on the court to protect, and the last thing he needs is a drama queen with a reality show hovering around the team.

And Thompson also needs to remember one thing: LeBron got him that $84 million deal.