LeBron Says He "Absolutely" Didn't Stare Down Michael Jordan on That Dunk

By Mike Cardillo

LeBron James threw down this breakaway dunk during the Heat’s 98-85 win over the Bobcats Saturday. Why is it significant? As soon as the ball went through the rim everybody began speculating if James’ stared down Bobcats’ owner Michael Jordan in the process.

LeBron, for his part, issued a strong denial. From the Charlotte Observer:

"“No, no. Don’t start that. Absolutely not, man. Absolutely not,” James said. “I was able to read McRoberts, get a steal and push the lead back up. I absolutely didn’t look at MJ, for sure.”"

Believe him?

Before the game James weighed in on the Donald Sterling situation, saying that there’s “no room for Donald Sterling in our league.” Jordan, meanwhile declined to comment on the growing controversy.

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