LeBron James Will Let Anthony Davis Wear No. 23

Kyle Koster

The two stars of the new and improved Los Angeles Lakers appear to be in a contest to appear more easy-going than the other. Earlier this afternoon we got word Anthony Davis is waiving his $4 million trade kicker, which will afford the franchise more capital to bring in more weapons. Just as the ink was drying on that news, Yahoo’s Chris Haynes informed us that LeBron James is gifting his No. 23 jersey to Davis.

Davis has worn No. 23 since entering the league. James has worn the number since returning to Cleveland from Miami, where he wore No. 6. It’s unclear what jersey James will sport next year in Los Angeles.

Also unclear is the handshake deal James and Davis worked out. That’s a story worth pursuing.

Very interesting that these two tidbits came out around the same time.