LeBron James Wants Lakers Offense to Run Through Anthony Davis

Ryan Phillips

LeBron James is a basketball savant, so it came as no surprise on Monday a report claimed he wants the newly-acquired Anthony Davis to be the Los Angeles Lakers’ offensive focal point. Chris Haynes detailed how James insisted Davis become the heart of the team’s offensive identity.

Here’s the relevant section from Haynes:

"As soon as the framework for the blockbuster trade was agreed upon with New Orleans in June, James — who will be entering his 17th NBA season — promptly held conversations with higher-ups in the organization and expressed his views on why it’s imperative that Davis becomes the focal point of the team’s offensive identity, league sources told Yahoo Sports."

Davis is aware of the burden that will come from that because he’s been the center of the New Orleans Pelicans offense since he entered the league. The 26-year-old has an incredible diverse game on that end of the floor, and is a threat from every level. Davis as the focal point will also take weight off of James, who will turn 35 in December and suffered the first major injury of his career last season.

This all makes sense and could make for a gradual transition to the later years of LeBron’s career, with Davis leading and James assisting, not the other way around.