LeBron James to Sixers Not Out of Question, Says Woj [VIDEO]

Bobby Burack

While some are saying it is a “foregone conclusion” LeBron James is going to be a Lakers, ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski says “do not rule out Philadelphia”:

"“The Sixers are still in this.”"

Not long after this was said:

It is very compelling that Woj brought the 76ers into the conversation when the question was directly in regards to the Lakers.

As Woj and Hannah Storm mentioned, the 76ers already have pieces in place and would be ready to compete for the East immediately upon LeBron’s arrival.

Whether or not Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid would be ideal fits on the court with LeBron certainly raises some eyebrows, but the talent in Philly vs what is present in Cleveland or Los Angeles is in incomparable.