LeBron James Channels NBA Fans Everywhere After Late Game: 'Tired as hell man, get out of my face'

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four / Harry How/GettyImages

LeBron James had 27 points, nine rebounds and six assists in what will forever be known as The Lonnie Walker Game. LeBron played 43 minutes and earned the honor of a postgame interview on TNT from Chris Haynes. LeBron sounded understandably exhausted during the short chat as he politely answered some questions. And then he decided he was done, ending the interview by telling Haynes, "[I'm] tired as hell, man, get out of my face."

On behalf of all NBA fans who stayed up late enough to watch the Lakers 104-101 win over the Golden State Warriors actually become The Lonnie Walker Game, thank you for being the voice of the voiceless.

It is now Tuesday morning and we've got to do this again tonight and then at least Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe the Lakers or Heat can wrap up their series tomorrow, which would mean we'd be able to get to bed before midnight on Friday. We've been doing double-headers just about every night for about a month at this point and yeah, we are tired as hell, man.