LeBron James Is Getting GOATed

Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

LeBron James is either the greatest or second-greatest of all time and there will be no further clarity on that no matter how many segments pitting his accomplishments against Michael Jordan make it to air. He was awesome again last night for the suddenly scary Los Angeles Lakers, scoring 37 points and powering his way to the game-winning bucket against the Utah Jazz in overtime.

James' teammates, who apparently have a new and strange little locker room bit, made goat noises as he was answering questions from the media.

This feels like something the Super Troopers would do.

Sports are very strange. If a normal 38-year-old's co-workers were erupting in loud animal noises every time he spoke in the break room, there's likely be a confrontation and significant paperwork for H.R. James just kind of sits there, not wanting to acknowledge it but unable to be heard over the chorus.

If the Lakers continue to succeed, they'll have time to learn about the wide array of noises goats can make and hopefully incorporate them into the routine.