LeBron James Should Not Fight Mike Tyson

Kyle Koster
Getty Images/Getty Images

Just my personal opinion here, so take it with a grain of salt. NBA superstar LeBron James should not step into a boxing ring with legendary boxer Mike Tyson to box. To do so would be a rare misstep in a Hall of Fame basketball career, currently mostly marred by the ill-conceived production of The Decision and relative underachieving in Miami.

I know there's been some debate over James' next career move. So much so that it was a topic on Undisputed this morning, where Skip Bayless boldly proclaimed Tyson would best James in his chosen sport.

The risk-reward is just not there for James, who also does not need the money. Here's hoping he's surrounded by people who will push him to return to the hardwood and not shift gears into a more dangerous arena for some reason.

I will admit this, though: it's a bit unnerving to know this is even a remote possibility. James could get seriously injured!