LeBron James Has Always Been a Pass-First Guy, Is Never Mentioned Among the All-Time Great Scorers

Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers
Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers / Michael Owens/Getty Images

LeBron James averaged at least 25 points this year for the 17th consecutive season. It's another feather in his cap glimmering even more impressively considering that no other player has done it more than 12 times in their career. StatMuse, a good Twitter follow, made note of this, along the way catching the watchful eye of James, who offered his own riff on the situation.

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This is the Holy Grail of I Was Told tweets. No one was saying this! The man is third all-time in career points scored. He's taken the fourth-most shots in the history of the NBA. The man simply loves to shoot the basketball. And pass the basketball. Which is great because he's been in near-constant control of one for nearly two decades.

Congratulations go out to James for all that he does and for finding unique ways to keep the chip from falling off his shoulder.