A LeBron James Rookie Card is Going to Be Auctioned Off For More Than a Million Dollars Next Week

Stephen Douglas
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Despite societal unrest and a global pandemic, the sports trading card industry is apparently booming. So much so that a rare LeBron James rookie card is going up for auction later this month is expected to sell for more than a million dollars. Seriously.

Over the last few months, LeBron, Michael Jordan, and Mike Trout have all had cards sold for extravagant amounts. The auction house that will sell the James card told TMZ, "The basketball card market is on fire." In this economy. Maybe it's time to ask your parents if they still have your old baseball card collection.

The LeBron card is one of those fancy ones with a piece of a jersey on it. It's also autographed. Only 23 were made in total. So if your plan was to buy them all and decorate your entire mancave, you're going to have to supplement with a couple posters or something.

Also, congratulations for being in such good financial shape right now that you're spending a million dollars on a basketball card. This one was made well after people stopped caring about trading cards and more than a decade later, look at us now.