Ray Lewis to LeBron James: 'Be Careful!!!'

Kyle Koster
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

LeBron James, like the rest of us, really enjoyed the NFL's game of the year last night between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. James is just a kid from Northeast Ohio who loves the Cowboys but stays connected to his local club. He has been known to share his opinions as a sports fan regardless of which one he plays.

His comment, which came late in the proceedings, was that it was quite a game. Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis saw it and encouraged the highly decorated champion to be "be careful."

Lewis deleted the tweet for some reason that escapes me now. It is unclear what could possibly be problematic about the two-word message.

Probably because it's always dangerous to celebrate anything when there's still time on the clock and Lamar Jackson has the ball. Probably that. Would that we could all have such guardrails and get-back guys in our everyday life.