Skip Bayless Thinks LeBron James Could Be President

Liam McKeone
President LeBron James? Skip Bayless discusses
President LeBron James? Skip Bayless discusses /

A few days ago, DeMarcus Cousins said LeBron James should run for president. This is exactly the kind of thing that Undisputed loves to shoot the bull about, so Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe tackled the topic on Friday.

Bayless thinks LeBron could do it!

As Bayless states, LeBron is indeed a "good dude", so he has that part of the job down. The pressure of being President of the United States is incomprehensibly high, but LeBron is certainly used to living under a spotlight. At the very least, we can assume he'd be a stellar deliveree of the State of the Union address.

Everything else? I'm not so sure. Doubt the King at your own risk, but a lifetime of basketball isn't quite the same as a lifetime in politics. Then again, look who we have in office now. Is this really that crazy?