Did LeBron James Really Do A Whole Alternate Amazon Prime TNF Broadcast to Tell the Lakers to Trade Picks?


LeBron James and Maverick Carter hosted yet another alternate NFL broadcast last night. The pair debuted Thursday Night Football in The Shop during the Green Bay Packers' loss to the Tennessee Titans. During the sixth Packers loss in their last seven games, Carter teed up James to maybe take a shot at the Lakers in a way that only LeBron can.

"I would feel like it's a discredit when you've got a transcendent franchise player like Aaron Rodgers. Quarterback, obviously we know the quarterback position in the NFL, you know, besides if you have like a monster defensive end or a D tackle like Aaron Donald. That's the most important position in the NFL. So why wouldn't you surround that when you've got the picks to maximize what he can do?"

LeBron was asked if he was talking about basketball or football and insisted he wasn't talking about himself, but we all know how the subconcious mind works. Which is why Jalen Ramsey also called him out for not always telling the truth during the broadcast.

Whatever he really meant, the pressure is obviously now on the Lakers. Can't wait to hear Rodgers' take on this during his inevitable alternate Turner NBA broadcast.