LeBron James Lets Everyone Know He's Disappointed the Lakers Didn't Land Kyrie Irving

Stephen Douglas
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets
Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets / Matteo Marchi/GettyImages

LeBron James is disappointed that the Los Angeles Lakers could not land Kyrie Irving in a trade. We know this not through anonymous sources close to the team, but from LeBron himself. He said it and he said it on camera during an interview with Mike Wilbon on ESPN.

"I'm definitely disappointed. I can't sit here and say I'm not disappointed on not being able to land such a talent. Someone I had great chemistry with and know I've got great chemistry with on the floor that can help you win, you know, championships. In my mind. In my eyes. But my focus is shifted now. My focus is shifted back to where it should. That's this club now. And what we have in the locker room."

Nothing vague about that. No need to read between the lines like it's a three word tweet that could be plausibly denied.

LeBron wanted Kyrie who he feels would have given the Lakers a chance to win the title. The Lakers did not get Kyrie, so LeBron is moving on, but just know, he thought Kyrie could help them win a championship. They can still play with anyone, but he knows he has championship-level chemistry with Kyrie. If the Lakers don't win the title (they're currently two games out of the play-in tournament), well, don't blame LeBron. He wanted the wildcard.