LeBron James is Posting Instagram Stories at a Dizzying, Mildly Upsetting Pace

Kyle Koster

One of the main ways to stay abreast of what's going on in your wife's life is to periodically watch those Instagram stories for signs of passive-aggressiveness and/or future plans you don't know about yet. What's that? Other people can read this? Uh, never mind. As I was saying, people under the age of 40 really love to document their existence one clip at a time on the social-sharing site and LeBron James, though not really of this world, is in that demographic.

After securing his fourth NBA Finals MVP and fourth world championship, the Los Angeles Lakers star put immense stress on his phone by posting, well, everything. The man posted everything. I tried to count all the little dots here but my eyes went all weird like looking at a Magic Eye so it could be anywhere from 75 to 80 updates. A lot! A lot of content. Save some for the rest of us, guy.

Impressive stamina for a guy who has played almost 11,000 playoff minutes and 17 seasons and a bunch of international competitions and acted alongside Bill Hader, a tour de force if there ever were one.

Of course, if someone in your everyday life did this, you'd consider it a cry for help. Or attention. Or engagement. Something. Maybe they just got back from Walter Reed after a long weekend and had the power of Mark McGwire coursing through their veins.

The sage wisdom of Anchorman comes to mind. James wanted to shout something from the top of the mountain but didn't have one. Instead all he had was a WiFi connection and the euphoric afterglow of a title. Therefore we got all this.