LeBron James Doesn't Think the NBA Season Should Be Canceled

Liam McKeone
LeBron James
LeBron James / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

As each day passes with no sports on the horizon, the likelihood of the NBA season being canceled outright grows stronger. Amid anonymous reports from team execs calling for the league to cut bait as soon as possible and give up hope of resuming the season, LeBron James took to Twitter to express his views.

Simply put, he doesn't think anything should be canceled.

The crown emoji at the end gives off big "The King Has Spoken" vibes, which is definitely the point.

As somebody who also likes basketball quite a lot, I agree! But there will come a time, potentially in the near future, when the league does not have a choice. Urging the league to cancel earlier than necessary for financial reasons makes a certain amount of sense, but there's no precedent to this situation.

Given how they've gone about things so far, I'm inclined to believe the league will be exercising every available option before canceling. Because that would suck for everybody.