Hong Kong Protesters Are Burning LeBron James Jerseys

Stephen Douglas
Anti-Government Protests Continue in Hong Kong
Anti-Government Protests Continue in Hong Kong / Lampson Yip - Clicks Images/Getty Images

Protesters are burning LeBron James jerseys in Hong Kong. This is an expected part of the fallout from LeBron's semi-no-comment about the Daryl Morey / China situation. It's a rough look for LeBron, who talked to Jon Stewart just a couple months ago on HBO about speaking up about social issues.

LeBron said that he would speak up even thought it meant losing popularity. With his brief comments on Morey this week LeBron may have lost fans in Hong Kong and America, but he kept the door open to grow his popularity in China. And ultimately, increase his wealth.

If you look at the pictures in these tweets, you'll see protesters are wearing all sorts of NBA gear. Easy to imagine that they will turn to those once they run out of LeBron jerseys.