LeBron James Hints at Chalk Toss Return This Season


One of basketball’s most iconic entrances may be coming out of retirement.

Since LeBron James moved to Los Angeles and signed with the Lakers, we haven’t seen his previously traditional pre-game chalk-toss he did every night, just before tipoff at the scorer’s table.

However, after Timeless Sports tweeted out something about it on Thursday, LeBron hinted at a possible return of his iconic pregame ritual.

LeBron performed his pre-game, pre-tip off ritual in both stints with the Cavs and the Miami Heat, but hasn’t given it the Hollywood spotlight with the Lakers just yet.

Timeless’ tweet, especially after LeBron’s response, also sparked a lot of excitement for the return of LeBron’s chalk toss, especially if he brings back his headband, which became as symbolic with LeBron as the chalk toss has

Staples Center might want to stock up on the chalk. And the Lakers might want to grab LeBron a couple of headbands too.