LeBron James Out With Drake and Michael B. Jordan Ahead of Warriors Game

LeBron James and Drake a long time ago.
LeBron James and Drake a long time ago. / George Pimentel/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers play the Golden State Warriors in the 7-8 matchup in the NBA's Play-In Tournament on Wednesday night. Late on Tuesday night Drake posted pictures of himself with LeBron James. The timing would suggest they were out together the night before the game, but one of the captions said "start your Monday off right." So what does this mean?

Well, it means they're hanging out with Michael B. Jordan, but other than that, it is unclear.

On Tuesday, LeBron also retweeted this post that explains what Drake meant when he said "nothing like some Lobos." Meaning LeBron might have had a drink! This is obviously some coordinated social media conspriacy meant to promote Taco Tuesday and lull the Warriors into a false sense of security. Making them think LeBron is living every day like Taco Tuesday.

It's could also a bad sign for the Lakers that LeBron has not entered Zero Dark Thirty-23 mode for the Play-In Tournament. I hate to say it, but the Lakers might be in trouble agian.